Hank Haney: Tiger Woods owned a golf cart with spinning rims

We must admit that we were not terribly interested in reading Hank Haney’s upcoming book about his time with Tiger Woods. But the excerpt that the Business Insider has brought to light has definitely piqued our interest.

The story goes that when Haney showed up to Tiger’s house on his first day, Tiger was outside next to his golf cart. But not just any old golf cart. A tricked out golf cart that goes faster than your normal run-of-the-mill golf cart.

When Haney showed up to Tiger’s house on his first day, Tiger was on his front lawn next to his tricked out, custom-built golf cart.

The cart had “spinner wheels with a TW logo, a stereo system, and a top speed of 28 miles per hour,” Haney writes.
That’s twice as fast as a normal golf cart.

Haney wrote earlier that Tiger didn’t really care about extravagance when it came to his house. But when it came to ridiculous golf carts, he was apparently all about the bling.

Oh, if these are the types of stories Haney is dishing in his book, we’re all in.

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  1. big deal i would have more than 1

  2. Ben Albers says:

    Big whoop. I’ve worked for a private country club and see those kind of street legal golf carts everywhere. I would too if I was the best golfer in the world. This is waste of peoples time. Think of something more interesting to write.

  3. HaneyWasJealous says:

    Haney sounds more like a jealous female who wanted to be Tiger’s wife. It’s Tiger’s money that he earned, and he can do whate ever he wants with it. Haney is really a Jealous Woman!!! What’s is with Haney, he didn’t think Tiger shouldn’t have money? What? Because he’s not white? That’s what drive’s Tiger to succeed!!!

  4. It’s Tiger’s business if he wants to have a tricked out golf cart…….if i was one of the best golfers in the world I would too. I would never buy this guy’s book because he has broken the man code and just trying to exploit Tiger to make him some money. I cannot respect him and would not spend a penny on his book. Let him make his own living and not try to sponge off of his former employer. Who cares about this deadbeat anyway? He’s just an opportunist trying to make a living off of Tiger! Get a life dude and get a real job.
    Why is anybody even writing about this pathetic human being. Tiger has moved on and Haney needs to do the same. It sounds like sour grapes to me. The writer of this article must be running out of real topics to write about because this is just trash! Tshe write might be “all in on this article but clearly from the comments above nobody else is(LOL)

  5. Haney obviously has an ax to grind and is using Tiger to make some money. How can you respect anyone who would do such a thing to a former employer who has done nothing to him. He should have more self respect. If Tiger wants to buy a fleet of golf carts that would be his business and his money. Rich people usually do buy extravagant things because they can. It’s no different thaN someone buying a $5,000 dollar purse for someone with money it’s only a drop in the bucket. Obviously Haney is jealous of Tigers success and trying to exploit him for personal gain. I would never support Haney by buying anything he has to sell or print regarding Tiger. Why don’t Haney write about his own life and leave Tiger alone. I implore people not to buy this book and then scum bags like Haney would not have a platform or make any money. It’s totally disgusting and demeaning and very disrespectful to the person that once provided him a pay check. Like the person said above it smells like sour grapes. DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK!

  6. John Galt says:

    New reality show: The Haney Project – a boring old golf teacher learns to keep his stupid mouth shut…

  7. Where some people should have honored the trust while the days are sunny and abundant, joyfull and celebratory, unless one is extremely hurt and vengeful that’s the only time when hank and steve can explain an AD like McClarney LOL. I would love to be in Tiger’s Team at any point of his career.

  8. Writergolfcoach says:

    As a journalist all my life and a high school golf coach for 24 seasons, I can see both sides of this. On the one hand, I as a coach would never discuss with anyone anything any player has “confided” in me. Yet, as a journalist, if someone makes a billion dollars by cultivating a carefully crafted, but totally false image,…and the public spends its money buying his products and takes their children to watch him and unwittingly praises him,..they should also want to know the full extent of the truth. So…I am torn.

    Secondly, I think the only fair way to decide is to first read the book and see just what areas the author does IN FACT cover. Everyone deserves privacy in their PERSONAL life…so I will be interested to know if the author actually discusses the player’s personal life, or discusses anything personal the player confided in him, or merely gives glimpses into the treatment and interaction of each other as a way of informing on the player’s true character.

    And finally, as a coach, I would want to read the book to see if there is anything to learn about excelling that I could pass along to my players that would help educate and inspire them in attaining their goals in golf, while pointing-out pitfalls and responsibilities. No one is perfect, but every public figure who sells himself should acknowledge the importance of the high road…like a Jack Nicklaus.

  9. Tiger probably made more money last weekend than Haney will in all his book sales. 15-minutes of fame and nobody will remember him 100-years from now. Whether you are a Tiger fan or hater its hard to argue the fact that he has done more for golf in the past 15-yrs than what was before him. I for one don’t care a whole lot about his private life or how he screwed up. I think what p…. people off is that he didn’t meet their expectations of how they preceived him and because of those short comings they were disappointed in the man. I know I was but it doesn’t change the fact that he is good for golf and I hope he keeps being competitive. Putting it in perspective at least he wasn’t a married president with a cigar and intern in the oval office.

  10. I will not buy the book,but I would buy a book written about Haney. I wish someone would write a book on him, I would be the first in line to buy it. From what I have seen about what’s written in this book, I am heartbroken over what has been written. I ask all of you DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK.

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