Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob’s fiancé is mad at him for trading Monta Ellis

If you asked most Warriors fans if they approved of the Monta Ellis trade, we believe that most would happily scream “YES!” without much hesitation.

We even tend to believe that if you asked non Warrior fans if this a good trade for the organization, they too would say “yes”. In one move, they were able to rid themselves of a black hole in Ellis and get back a good big man (when healthy) to go along with Stephen Curry. That sounds like a trade anyone can live with. Well, anyone besides the fiancé of Warriors’ owner Joe Lacob.

“My fiancee is mad at me,” co-owner Lacob said, hanging out in the hallway off the court before Wednesday night’s game. “She hasn’t talked to me in two days.”

Is he kidding?

“There she is,” Lacob said. “Ask her.”

His fiancee brushed past without answering. She looked unhappy.

Lacob’s fiancee had formed a friendship with Ellis’ wife. When you trade a guy, you break some hearts.

Guess you can’t please everyone.

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  1. I guess Monta was scoring somewhere else besides the basketball court !

  2. I wonder what type of relationship she formed. Just saying! To be that mad at your fiance for trading a liability, there has to be something else going on. LOL

    • Firstly, you are just as ignorant as the other guy for saying something that stupid and secondly, the media hypes everything they put in print. If you can read it says that she formed a friendship with his wife!!!

  3. Ernesto O. Barangan says:

    I have been a Warrior Fan since I arrived here in the USA in 1975. That was during the
    time when they won the NBA Championship with Rick Barry and Company. But since
    then, Warrior ownership have been having a very bad habit of trading very good players
    for bad ones. I really can’t figure out these very bad trend that the management have been following. Well, I guess they have been very consistent as far as making bad trades
    is concerned, and I salute them for that!

  4. Joe Lacob…. possibly the dumbest human in captivity. The dumbest!!! Larry Ellison would never have made this move. He was pressured by fans from the demoCRAPtic mindset.

  5. Fan with a Brain says:

    Are you guys serious? The pre-trade roster wouldn’t make the playoffs ever and subtle moves around Monta wouldn’t help. Monta was a fine player but a player like Bogut fills the decades long void of a big man who could get us easy buckets. If you want a deep run in the playoffs you go with Bogut EASILY

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