George Brett says if steroid users get elected to Hall of Fame, current Hall of Famers will boycott

As the debate on whether or not players that put up monster numbers during the “Steroid Era” deserve to be in the Hall of Fame rages on, we continue to hear from former players and current Hall of Famers. But when Hall of Famer George Brett sat down to talk to The Arizona Republic’s Bob McManaman, he seemingly upped the ante.

Brett not only revealed that he himself wouldn’t vote for the players from the “Steriod Era”, he also revealed that other Hall of Famers have vowed to boycott the Hall of Fame if any of those guys are voted in.

“Put it this way,” Brett said, “if I was voting, I wouldn’t vote for them.

“Mark McGwire hasn’t sniffed it and I don’t think they’re going to sniff it. I really don’t. If they think they’re going to make it in the Hall of Fame, I think they’ve got a lesson to be learned.”

“I wasn’t a home-run hitter,” Brett said, “but I know from talking to guys in the 500-home run club, guys like Schmitty (Mike Schmidt) and some other guys like that, if those guys make it in then they’ll never go back.”


“Meaning those guys will never go back and attend (the Hall of Fame inductions) if the cheaters get elected.”
“If nothing else, they’re guilty by association,” he said. “You hear all the stories. (Rafael) Palmeiro has been eligible and he’s not getting any votes. I think all these guys are in the same category.”

Despite how his colleagues feel, Brett does say that he wouldn’t boycott.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Brett said. “I’m a ballplayer. I know how hard the game is … and anybody that makes it in the Hall of Fame, I support. They become a member of our special fraternity. I’d be there.”

There’s always high-horsing involved when this issue is discussed. At the end of the day, guys like Bonds, Clemens, McGwire, and maybe even Sosa will eventually get in. And if a few guys get their panties in a bunch, so be it.

But make no mistake, we understand those guys’ stance, but we think it just won’t be enough to keep those guys, and those numbers, out.

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  1. stan kosa says:

    Mr Brett is on point. Cheaters have no place in the Hall. More Famers should follow his lead and organize and voice against those who have cheated the game and shamed the sport. As a matter of fact those who have used steroids to get an unfair advantage should step up as real men and not accept a nomimation to the Hall. But Bonds and Mcguire and Clemmens dont have the guts to own up and admit their cheating ways. Good for Mr. Brett and all the other true Famers who speak out for the honor and sanctity of the game they love.

    • You might want to take out the first 300 game winner, the testosterone (praised for it by the media) user in 1889, James ‘Pud’ Galvin. You also may want to remove those who used ‘greenies’: Aaron, Mays, Stargell and so on. Or Gaylord Perry and Whitey Ford, both now admitted cheaters while pitching, or we could just focus on those ‘spitballers’ that made the hall of fame.

      The hall, and apparently Mr. Brett has forgotten this, is a museum and not a moral high ground. After all, Kennesaw Mountain Landis intentionally kept black players from breaking into the majors, yet he’s in the hall. How about Ty Cobb and his racism? How about Cap Anson and his racism?

      How many were alcoholics, cheaters, and so on that we don’t even know about? What about Rickey Henderson possibly using steroids? The hall doesn’t have to be tarnished because it’s a learning center, a remembrance, it isn’t a church and shouldn’t be treated as such. (Come to think of it, some churches don’t even deserve that honor.)

  2. Kevin O'Neil says:

    I agree with George Brett. Look at how many records were not just broken but shattered in a period of 5 years. Sad thing is that some of the records were among the most cherished in all sports. Some of those records that were set by those who cheated (home runs in a season, career home runs) will never be broken.

  3. Brett has it right. It makes the HOF irrelevant if cheaters are voted in.

  4. Jesse Moore says:

    I 100% agree with George Brett! Steriods changed the game. How hard was it to break Ruth’s single season walk record? Pretty easy when a juiced up Bonds is ready to unload at any point! What is sad is that most of these players I think would of been Hall of Fame worthy without the drugs. The drugs and their experience made it easy to achieve these records. And even though A-Rod “only” took steriods for a few years: he is still a cheater! I just hope clean players like The Big Hurt, Junior or Jim Thome don’t get penalized by association because they played in the same era. These players robbed us of the purity of the game. I hope none of them are elected! If they are, I would hope they would let Rose and Shoeless Joe in before the steriod users make it in!!!

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