Former Ohio State Buckeye Ray Small is arrested for drug possession

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Ray Small is back in the news again but this time it’s not Ohio State related. Small was pulled over for speeding and then arrested and charged with possession of the narcotic oxycodone. Police accuse Small of having more than 200 oxycodone pills in the car with him. Things are not looking so good for Small who is already a hated man in the state of Ohio.

Authorities say former Ohio State football player Ray Small has been charged with drug possession in southern Ohio after a traffic stop.

The State Highway Patrol says Small was a passenger in a vehicle stopped for allegedly speeding on Route 33 on Sunday. Meigs County Court officials in Pomeroy say the 24-year-old from Columbus was charged with possession of the narcotic oxycodone.

He’s accused of having more than 200 oxycodone pills. Small was released pending a March 15 hearing. His attorney did not immediately return calls Tuesday seeking comment.

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