Donovan McNabb attempted to rain on the Washington Redskins’ RGIII parade today on ESPN’s First Take

Now that Donovan McNabb is without a team to skip balls for, he’s apparently going to use his time to piss on Mike Shanahan any chance he gets.

He began his “piss on Mike Shanahan” tour today on ESPN’s First Take. It was there where the ominous graphic above was shown to viewers while Donovan McNabb basically told the world that Shanahan would eventually turn the arguably can’t miss prospect, Robert Griffin III into a bust.

We understand that McNabb has an axe to grind with Mike Shanahan. The man, along with his son called him fat and benched him in favor of Rex Grossman. A man can handle being called fat, but losing your job to Rex Grossman? That’s enough to want to physically harm someone. So if want to piss all over Shanahan, we understand.

But c’mon, McNabb. Don’t go on ESPN and piss on the hopes of the folks in Washington too. That can’t take much more.

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  1. HERR LANGER says:

    I have been a McNabb fan for a long time but this is just sour grapes. McNabb showed an inability to master the short game and never improved his accuracy.

    As for Shanahan, Cutler was a product of Shanahan’s West Coast offense and QB coaching. Cutler was very good in a West Coast offense. I believe that Shanahan will teach RG3 how to play the position correctly. Can he be egotistical. Of course, he is. So is Andy Reid, The Tuna, The Hodie-miester (Belichek) etc.

    • I too have been a McNabb fan since his days at Syrcuse and has always thought of his as a professional. When he came to Washington, I was very excited again about the lack lusture Redskins. I too was not happy with the manner in which his career ended but as a true professional one would think you do what it takes to or do what’s as of you to leave on top, not with someone’s foot on your back. A true professional with all his success would concentrate on the transition to would the future holds for him. Now he has tainted his future as whinner over yesterday’s troubles. He is still looking back and not forward to new horizons. He made millions honing his craft and stand to make million more in other realms. Donovan, do yourself a favor and move on… they say in the neighorhood…keep it moving. The Redskins will be there long after you have faded to away….Celebrate who you are, not what you where!

  2. I’m a Skins fan and I agree w/ DM’s statement about the coaching staff. I feel that until we get the coaching staff right in DC, it’s going to be hard to when. DM was running for his life almost every game and had to make adjustments on the fly. Some adjustments work and others didn’t, but he was doing what he could to win the game. The head coach is stubborn which will cost him his job! I pray that they will cater to RGIII!!!!

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