David Price left today’s spring training game because he toweled off too hard

We thoroughly enjoyed writing that title. And we will also thoroughly enjoy explaining the story behind that title.

So Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price had just finished his second inning of work in today’s spring training game when he was abruptly pulled.  This alarmed the Tampa Bay Times’ Marc Topkin who wrote:

“BREAKING: There was something to LHP David Price’s departure from today’s exhibition after two innings: the Rays just said he left with what is being called “a minor neck spasm.”

No further info yet, should be forthcoming later in or after the game”

From there, the story just gets better and better.

So time passes and Topkin has a new, hilarious update:

UPDATE, 3:42: If nothing else, David Price may be the winner for the oddest injury of the spring.
Price said the reason he had the neck spasm that forced him to leave the game was that he toweled himself off too vigorously between innings.

“I was just drying my head off in between innings,” he said. “It’s happened to me two times before. The towel just catches the back of my head and it pulls my neck forward. I just felt it a little bit in back of my neck and just wanted to be cautious with it. … It’s spasms, there’s a little pop and it just spasms up and gets a little tight.”

Yes, you read that right. This has happened multiple times before. How? Who knows, but we’re not concerned with that. We’re too anxious to bring you Topkin’s next update after talking to manager Joe Maddon about the injury.

UPDATE, 4:40: Rays manager Joe Maddon, naturally, had several good lines about the Price “injury.”

First he suggested the Rays trainers should serve as “cornermen” such as legendary boxing trainer Angelo Dundee, for Price. “Get in there towel him down, get in his face, the shroud of David, that kind of thing,” Maddon said. “Let’s stop having him towell himself down, we have plenty of people that can do that here.”

Then, he said the answer might be in more instruction and repetition. “David might need better technque when it comes to toweling himself down,” he said. “He’s been doing it for 20-some years now but apparently doesn’t have it down yet.”

Finally, Maddon suggested the answer might rest with home clubhouse/equipment manager Chris Westmoreland. “We might need more fabric softener in the towels,” he said.

Guess it’s a good thing that Price doesn’t get embarrassed very easily.

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