Darnell Dockett knows where he wants Peyton Manning to land

This tweet showed up on Darnell Dockett’s Twitter page shortly after word began to circulate on Peyton Manning’s impending release. As you can guess, the tweet didn’t go over very well seeing as though people tend to have a problem with players actually advocating bringing in a player that can actually help them win. Even if the player currently at the position is having trouble beating out someone name John Skelton. So Dockett was forced to do the “right”(?) thing and make everyone feel good.

Happy now people?

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  1. Peyton will surprise everyone by retiring, and then announcing his bid for the presidency.

  2. dan gaylor says:

    I hope manning goes to a team that plays the Colts on a regular basis. He needs to make an example of the Colts and the I hole owner.

  3. Tim Roberts says:

    As a Cards fan, I would love to see Peyton go to the Cardinals. Looking at the teams that have been mentioned, they make the most sense. Look at the recievers he would get! Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Roberts, Early Doucet!! I mean come on folks! Also, it would give both Kolb and Skelton some guidance from one of the best to ever play the game.

  4. santiaGO ARCE says:

    look u all Cards will not go with Manning because they r to cheap,stick with Skelton,trade corn colb,free up some cash then see who is avaiable then sign him just wait and see birds.

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