Carmelo Anthony was reportedly “hurt” that the Knicks signed J.R. Smith

Things definitely haven’t worked out for Carmelo Anthony thus far. The Knicks haven’t exactly been world beaters since he arrived, he’s had to admit that he’s struggling with the Linification of the offense, and now we get word that management isn’t listening to him when it comes to the team.

All three of these issues presumably trouble Anthony, but that last issue, at least on one occasion, reportedly “hurt” him. This particular occasion is when the organization decided to sign J.R. Smith despite him giving the thumbs down to the idea.

Contrary to popular belief, Anthony was leery of the Knicks bringing in his former Denver teammate three weeks ago and gave a thumbs down to upper management, according to a person close to the Knicks superstar.

Publicly, Anthony said all the right things about Smith, who was fined $25,000 by the NBA Saturday for tweeting a photo of a partially naked woman in his Milwaukee hotel room.

A couple of weeks before the signing, Anthony was asked if the Knicks should sign his former teammate who has a thuggish reputation. Anthony and Smith share the same agent, Leon Rose.

“If it happens, it happens and I’ll be happy,” Anthony said publicly before the signing.

But, according to the source, Anthony was not gung-ho and was “hurt’’ Knicks upper management tossed his advice out the window.

In typical Knicks form, they go out and try to build a team to compete and create a mess for themselves. We don’t know if Melo will be right when it’s all said and done, but it sure is looking like he will be.

Don’t be surprised if someone or some people are shipped out of New York.

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  1. Melo cannot play with others well. That said, it’s funny that the Knicks signed Smith, and Melo didn’t want him. I assumed he was the reason they brought Smith in.

    • JerrynColorado says:

      Smith and Melo didnt really get along in Denver. Melo definitely did not want him in New York. When Smith was in Denver he accused Carmelo of playing “selfish”. By the time Carmello was traded the two were really distant. I am SURPRISED that New York signed him with their past chemistry problems.

  2. Melo is paid to play, not make personnel decisions. The team already has qualified people for that

    • The Knicks have qualified people making personnel decisions? Funniest thing I’ve heard all day…

    • the knicks have not won a playoffs series since ………….when!!!!!
      so are you sure they have personnel to handle these situations….

    • knickfan212 says:

      Who are these qualified people making these great decisions? Maybe Clyde should get his uniform back on.

  3. So many talents at hand will only create a dilema for d’antoni.I say why mess up something that has been going on so well? Winning is most important even if it means feelings going to be hurt. Nobody changes a good recipe till it looses it’s taste.

  4. Wm McAdoo says:

    If anybody on Knicks that needs to go,it’s d-antoni,never like him as coach for the East,the west coast run and gun offense doesn’t work on the east coast,bump-grind is whats preffered,Knicks don’t have nothing but a bunch of “GUNNERS”,no defensive players on the team but Chandler,Shumpert,Jeffries,This would be for the no coaching butt d-antoni,up 3 in Boston on their court w/18secs left,U “foul” dummy,give them 2 u up 3,helloooooooooooo,d-antoni you’re a coach,J-LIN time to sit down and be the same bench player you were,you are not a starting point guard for the NBA,you have proved that yourself,you’re turnover prone,U shoot too much and you can’t play defense. Baron your turn,take lessons J-lin,your time has come and gone,i’ve been a knick fan since 1969,i have never seen a team with all this talent 3 superstars and u constantly get whupped by teams that should have no chance against you guys,come on,we need a coach and get those overpaid wanna be ballers the hell out of NY,bring on the Blue collar guys like Ewing,Oakley,Starks,Mason,Harper,these guys suck w/D/Antonio,from a real Knick fan.i’m donewith this squad and coach and owner

  5. Baron is not an up grade if you have watched him shoot and pass so far since being back. He actually has a worse T.O./Assist ratio then Lin, guess someone has not watched a not so great ever PG Baron the past few years or lately.

  6. THE TRUTH says:

    The Knicks have no idea how to win and have given up on Dantonio. Make no mistake this team has enough talent to make a run but no coach to guide them. Time for a new coach in NYC..clear example how a team can have decent talent but no clue how to make it work.

  7. Amilton Tavares says:

    knicks team is suck..they need to trade Melo. They play better without him. GUNNNNEEEER!!!!!!!

  8. knickfan212 says:

    Smith is already proving he was a bad sign. He fu(ks up on and off the court. The Knicks, one step forward three steps back.

  9. knickfan212 says:

    As long as everyone cries about minutes the team can’t win. In your early days in the league is when you try to make a name for yourself so you want minutes. Once you’ve done all of that and now you want to win a championship, minutes shouldn’t matter. All you want to do is win and you shouldn’t care if you get one minute if it helps you win. Everyone knows your rep and knows how good you can play so there’s no need to be on the court any set time. You can have all of the talent in the world but that doesn’t mean you know how to play to win. It doesn’t take only talent, it takes know how. Thus comes Melo. Lots of talent but no know how.

  10. I think that Knicks play better without Carmelo..

  11. The Doctor says:

    If I am the GM, JR Smith is the first to go. And then bring Melo into the office and sit him down, and let him know that if he does not buy into the system, he is next.

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