Carmelo Anthony admits that he’s struggling to adjust to Knicks new offense

Remember when Carmelo Anthony laughed off the notion that he would have trouble fitting in the new Knicks offense with Jeremy Lin?  Well he’s not laughing anymore. In fact, after the Knicks loss in Dallas last night where he could only muster 6 points, Anthony admitted that fitting in to this new offense isn’t as easy as he thought it would be.

Anthony scored 6 points in a 2-of-12 disaster and sat and watched the second unit nearly steal a win over the defending champion Mavericks. As a capper, Anthony bolted the locker room early, heading for the bus, saying to a reporter, “Not tonight.” Fifteen minutes later, Melo returned to the locker-room area to speak to a small group of writers and admitted adjusting to the new alignment has him confused on the court.

The Knicks fell to the Mavs, 95-85, last night to go 2-4 since Melo returned to a new structure created by Jeremy Lin, whose emergence stoked a 7-0 spurt with Melo missing most of those games with a groin injury. “I think any time you go from the early part of the season and having the ball and distributing and now waiting for it to come to me, it’s quite an adjustment for myself,” said Anthony.

Anthony was kidding himself when he thought he would just step into an offense that isn’t centered on him and there wouldn’t be any adjustment period. Luckily, the Knicks have time to right the ship. And if they do, this could be a very dangerous team.

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  1. Boyaks Galleon says:

    Trade Melo. Find somebody that fits Mike D’Antoni’s offense style…..

  2. jim jones says:

    i agree either trade mello in the off season or dantoni needs to work on offence..and a little defence this team could be very leathal if they wanted to be, i just see alot of slacking

  3. blumberg says:

    melo play ur part.. you not a point guard..if he can’t play wit lin i think he need 2 go on his way.he f…… up the team….

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