Boston would trade Rajon Rondo to the Lakers, but the Lakers won’t give up Pau Gasol

We’re a couple of days away from the NBA trade deadline so expect the trade talk to come fast and furious. There will be talk or good trades, talk of awful trades, and talk of a team getting cold feet when presented with a good trade. This particular brand of trade talk is definitely of the latter.

We’ve definitely harped on the fact that the Lakers need a point guard that can actually do something on the court. This is common knowledge for anyone that has been remotely paying attention. So when the Lakers get approached with an opportunity to get a point guard of the caliber of say, Rajon Rondo, one would think they would jump at the opportunity.  But for some reason they have not and it’s because they don’t want to give up Pau Gasol.  Yes, the same Pau Gasol that they were going to give up for Chris Paul.

Yeah, makes no sense at all.

The teams talked last week about a trade for Celtics guard Rajon Rondo, though nothing was close to accomplished and discussions dried up.

The Lakers are unwilling to trade Pau Gasol for Rondo, making a deal with Boston unlikely before the trade deadline Thursday.

“Unless they give up Gasol, they’re not going to get a top-level point guard,” said a person familiar with the situation but not authorized to discuss it publicly.

The Lakers’ front office has been awful this season. They gave up Lamar Odom for next to nothing and now they’re balking at doing what it takes to get Rajan Rondo. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did decide to trade Kobe Bryant.

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  1. Would be nice if the author of this piece could at least get Rajon Rondo’s first name right!

  2. Well, um, Rajon Rondo is no Chris Paul. Sorry, but to say, “they don’t want to give up Pau Gasol. Yes, the same Pau Gasol that they were going to give up for Chris Paul,” is kind of a weak statement. Most teams would be willing to give up far more for Paul than Rondo.

  3. JeromeMJ says:

    The Lakers will be a cellar team without Gasol. Kobe has never been able to play without better players on his team. He just doesn’t have it to make anyone better. He certainly draws the LA faithful but he remains statistically a liability. I do not believe that any good team would trade for Kobe with all of the baggage he brings. Basicall only LA fans and the media like him as he has hovered betewwn the most disliked athelete and 2nd most disliked.

  4. Dan from MV says:

    They can’t trade Kobe. 1) He has a no trade clause. 2) His $33M will eat up the salary for most teams and he is not worth the salary to them

  5. mekus milkdud says:

    Rondo is worth more than gasahol that is not a fair trade for Boston, the keltics need to dump the big three while they can and they need to dump pierce and get something for him while they can aND keep rajon they need to trade rondo and ray allen or pierce for bynum and gasahhol

  6. The laker do not need to trade Gasol for anybody they need to keep there seven footers all they need is a decent point guard or get odom back.

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