Because they’re serious about winning a championship this season, Knicks hang NBA championship trophy photos in their locker room

We’ve discussed Mike Woodson’s belief that the Knicks could win a championship this season, but we didn’t take them very seriously. And neither did you.

It’s not uncommon for a coach to be optimistic and try to build his squad up with positive words. We thought he was being very optimistic, but we understood what he was trying to do. And so did you.

Now we get word that photos of the Larry O’Brien trophy have been hung in the Knicks’ locker room. And just like that optimism has turned to full on dreaming.

Over every Knicks player’s locker at Madison Square Garden, there is now a picture of an NBA championship trophy. The new décor was added prior to halftime of last night’s 101-79 rout over the Pistons.

“I think we just want to get our focus back,” Tyson Chandler said. “I think there’s been talk around the staff and amongst us that we’ve got to know what we’re fighting for.”

It was not known who put the photos up, although Knicks manager of player security Max Cayard was involved.

“He told me to bring my ring out today,” Chandler said, referring to his championship ring from last season’s title run with the Mavericks, “and I’m guessing he talked to somebody and put the trophies up.”

Carmelo Anthony likes the photo additions.

“They’re inspiring,” he said. “It’s motivating just to see that. It gives us something to look up to, look forward to and we know where we want to be at. A lot of work that we want to do to get there.”

Alright now. It may be time to officially pump the breaks in New York.

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