Andray Blatche is having trouble dealing with boos from Wizards fans

Part of being a professional athlete is professionally dealing with the high and lows of your career. You professionally deal with the praise during the good times and you professionally deal with criticism during the bad times. Andray Blatche is having a hard time figuring this out.

He’s not struggling to deal with the praise because frankly, he’s not getting any, but he is struggling to deal with all the criticism he is getting in Washington because of his poor play.  You see, Blatche can’t understand why the folks in Washington boo him so much. He believes that they should be lifting him up and encouraging him to play better. And when they don’t, it makes him play even worse.

“It’s tough. You’re home and people that’s supposed to have your back don’t have your back,” a dejected Blatche said after the game. “Instead of encouraging you to get better, they push you down and hope you do worse. It’s not only hurting me it’s hurting my teammates. That’s what I feel most upset about because I can’t come out and perform, help my teammates because I’m letting the crowd get to my head, making me second guess, not letting me be the player that I am. It’s very frustrating I’m just hopefully trying to fight over it and overcome.”

Pretty sure they don’t hope you do worse, Andray. You just continue to do worse. Not sure how you are able to do worse, but you do.

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