And here’s the ‘Grant Hill-to-Christian Laettner’ UPS ad that Kentucky fans want pulled

You shouldn’t be surprised that Kentuckians are attempting to throw their weight around in the month of March. They pretty much believe that God created March for them to walk around and basically announce to everyone that Kentucky basketball is the most important thing in the world Kentucky. So when UPS rolled out an ad that uses the famous Grant Hill pass to Christian Laettner that set up Laetter‘s game winner to beat Kentucky in the 1992 NCAA tournament, Kentuckians couldn’t just quietly look away.

But you didn’t expect them to anyway.

“I think it would be wise for them to pull the ad,” said state Sen. Ernie Harris, a UPS pilot, UK graduate and chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee.

Harris said he voiced his displeasure to a lobbyist for UPS, which has a hub at Louisville International Airport.

But UPS plans to continue running the ad, and two spokesmen for the company said it was not meant as a slight to UK or its fans.

We don’t need to tell any of you how ridiculous this is. You already know.

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