And here’s Ric Bucher trying to convince you that the Lakers should trade Kobe Bryant

ESPN trotted Ric Bucher out on Sports Center yesterday to give his take on trades the Lakers should make before the March 15th trade deadline. Bucher starts with the obvious, moving Pau Gasol, but when asked what he would do, he decided to actually state that he would begin to explore trading Kobe Bryant.

Now of course, he presented the usual reasons; the amount of money Kobe makes, Kobe retiring in a few years and leaving the Lakers with nothing, and the need for youth. But there is just no way that the Lakers would get equal value for Kobe Bryant right now. And we haven’t even mentioned that Bryant has a no trade clause.

But we’ll let Bucher go ahead and try to convince you anyway.

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  1. A ridiculous thought. No Kobe, no Lakers~! They need a point guard and another power forward who can defend and score. They get that by the trading deadline, keep Bynum, Gasol and Kobe, BINGO!

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