And here’s Bernard Tomic asking the umpire to remove his father from the stadium during his match at Sony Ericsson Open

The fella pictured above is John Tomic. John is the father/coach of Bernard Tomic. John is watching his son/pupil play his match at the Sony Ericsson Open and by the looks of things, he’s not too happy.

Down on the court Bernard has figured out that John is unhappy. Mainly because John continues to shake his head in disgust at Bernard’s play. This in turn makes Bernard unhappy. So in between games, Bernard requests that the umpire remove his father/coach because he was “annoying” him.

Afterward, the younger Tomic claimed that he was merely talking to the umpire about getting his rackets restrung. But as we all know, the video never lies.

We bet family dinners aren’t awkward at all.

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