All up in your brackets: NCAA Tournament 2012 Midwest Region

Up next, the Midwest Region

The team that is primed to pull off the first round upset: North Carolina State

We’re not in love with North Carolina State, but we can’t dismiss how they’ve been playing down the stretch. If they continue this trend, they could easily beat San Diego State.

A top seed that may not make it out of the 1st weekend: Kansas

There are some folks out there that think this Jayhawks team could possibly lose to Detroit in the second round. While we won’t go that far, we certainly wouldn’t be surprised if they lost to a team like St. Mary’s in the third round. We’re not betting on that to happen, but it’s just something to keep in mind.

A team other than North Carolina that can win the region: Georgetown

Georgetown looks to be a tough out in this region. They’ve had some borderline losses along the way, be we think that the way they defend and their ability to play multiple styles could take this team a long way in this region.

Who we’re taking in the 1st round: North Carolina, Alabama, Temple, Michigan, North Carolina State, Georgetown, St. Mary’s, Kansas

Who we’re taking in round 2: North Carolina, Michigan, Georgetown, Kansas

Sweet Sixteen winners: North Carolina, Georgetown

Regional Champion: North Carolina

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  1. I will be cheering for NC State and the University of Detroit. Will their games be televised.

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