You may enjoy Randy Moss’ Ustream exploits but NFL executives may not

In just the past week, Randy Moss has taken to his Ustream channel to announce he’s returning to football, interact with his fans, and to show the world hair that he says “smells like sauerkraut”. This is all rather entertaining for us, but it reportedly isn’t very entertaining for one particular NFL executive. In fact, this particular executive believes that the Moss’ antics on his Ustream channel could hurt his chances of returning to the NFL.

And we all know how this works. Once one executive has the perception, it begins to spread and perception becomes reality. Just ask Terrell Owens.

But enough of that, let’s let CBS Sports’ Mike Freeman inform us on how a certain exec sees the Randy Moss Ustream show.

I spoke to one who said he has seen the Moss videos and believes Moss is utterly obliterating his chances of returning to the NFL. Oh, yeah, I forgot: on one of his video streams, Moss announced he was attempting a comeback.

The executive said his franchise was once considering Moss, but after watching the video stream, the team is no longer doing so. So while Moss might be creating buzz for a future show, he might also be utterly destroying any comeback chance.

The team executive noted that the one thing they would want to see from Moss is stability in his life. Not so sure a team watching Moss pick his nose and wipe it on his sleeve inspires a sense Moss has changed from a man-child to a grownup. My guess is these Moss videos are spreading across football like wildfire, and more than a few teams that might have considered Moss are no longer doing so. But I could be wrong.

See how fast one perception becomes the reality across the board? It’s a shame that Moss probably won’t get another shot because of a few Ustream videos, but that’s just the reality we live in today.

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