The Washington Wizards lead the NBA in……….dunks

Let’s be honest. Though this recognition, if you can even call this that, means absolutely nothing, I’m just pleasantly surprise that the Wizards actually lead the NBA in something remotely positive.

But you gotta start somewhere right? So why not give the young Wizards some shine for their accomplishment.

And now, if you’re still with us, I will congratulate each member who has dunked this season individually.

JaVale McGee 72 dunks (2nd in the NBA) – Great job, young man. Cherish this because you will never see “2nd in the NBA” next to your name again.

Trevor Booker 26 (tied for 25th) – Great job, young man. Even though you went to Clemson, I knew you had it in you.

Jan Vesely 19 (tied for 45th) – Great job, young man. Glad to see you actually doing something other than airballing free throws.

John Wall 16 (tied for 62nd) – Great job, young man. Look at you dunking and stuff.

Nick Young 9 (tied for 106th) – Great job, young man. Now pass the d#@n ball!

Andray Blatche 8 (tied for 120th) – Great job, young man. If this wasn’t such a positive occasion I would ask, “how in the h*ll a guy your size only have 8 dunks”? But I won’t.

Kevin Seraphin 8 (tied for 120th) – Great job, young man. I have no idea who you are but you obviously play so double kudos to you.

Chris Singleton 7 (tied for 132nd) – Great job, young man. But I still haven’t forgiven you for letting that little dude for VCU sneak in for the game winner layup in the Sweet 16 last year. I mean, it was an out of bounds play, Chris. Protect the basket!

Jordan Crawford 6 (tied for 149th) – Great job, young man. You once dunked on LeBron James, now you’re part of a league leading dunking machine. I’d say you’ve made it.

Rashard Lewis 4 (tied for 177th) – Great job, old man. Glad to see you had four more left in you.

Maurice Evans 1 (tied for 246th) – Great job, old man. Chip up. You’re still in the league at least.

Shelvin Mack 1 (tied for 246th) – Great job, young man. Chin up. You’ll always have those Butler days.

Ronny Turiaf 1 (tied for 246th) – Great job, old man. Glad to see you had one more left in you.

Via DC Sports Bog

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  1. They dunk so much, because they cannot shoot for their lives.

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