The Colts can sign Andrew Luck as early as Friday

If you were hoping for drama on draft night in regards to the number one pick, there are now two reasons why it won’t be happening.  The first one is the obvious one. The Colts are drafting Andrew Luck and that’s final.

The second one isn’t so obvious.  In fact, it isn’t obvious at all.  According NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, the Colts could sign Luck as early as Friday.  How’s that for killing the drama.

This year, the presence of a rookie wage scale makes it much easier to get these deals done, since there’s no longer much — if anything — to negotiate.

Thus, the Colts could, in theory, sign the first overall pick long before the draft NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells us that the Colts could sign the top pick as of Friday, after a pair of coin flips lock in the draft order.

And so, theoretically, Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning could end up as teammates, after all. The Colts can sign Luck before they cut Manning.

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