The 5 college football teams with the most to prove in 2012

With National Signing Day over and spring practices getting ready to start up, here are 5 teams that I think have the most prove going into the 2012 season.




1) LSU Tigers – You would think that a team that was full of underclassmen that went 13-1 last season wouldn’t have that much to prove. But after that terrible showing in the BCS National Title game against Alabama, LSU has to be on this list. Even though Les Miles is a good coach, many people think that his luck is starting to run out. The thing to watch for is if Zach Mettenberger can turn around LSU’s offense because the defense is very good.

2) Florida State – If I had to describe Florida State’s season I would say they underachieved. Now granted that the Noles had to deal with alot of injuries, losing to Wake Forest and Virginia has to be unacceptable. If you look at what this team has coming back, an ACC title game berth and 10 wins should be FSU fans expectations. Now if he can’t do that this upcoming season, I think Jimbo Fisher will be on the hot seat going into 2013.

3) Georgia – Mark Richt got off the hot seat this past season with a 10 win season. But when you are given a schedule that doesn’t have you playing Alabama, LSU, or Arkansas, you just feel like Georgia definitely could have been better. Looking at what Georgia has coming back and with Alabama, LSU, and Arkansas off the schedule again, this is the year where Georgia should try to make a run at the National Title.

4) Texas – The Longhorns’ season had many ups and downs which I kind of expected. They were a very young team in their 1st season with new offensive and defensive coordinators and they still won 8 games. Now I know that many of you Longhorn fans might think differently, but that was pretty much the Longhorns’ ceiling. especially with Baylor emerging the way they did. Now if Texas’ offense can catch up with their defense which is very good, Texas could definitely make some noise in the Big 12 this upcoming year.

5) West Virginia – I think the Orange Bowl game against Clemson was the Mountaineers coming out party as they put everyone on notice. They will have a top 10-15 offense for the upcoming season playing in the Big 12 which is all about offense. But for the Mountaineers to make a splash, they have to get better on defense. They don’t need to be top 10, they just need to get their offense 4-5 more possessions because that offense is explosive.

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