Report: Peyton Manning is interested in playing for the Houston Texans

Now that it’s pretty much etched in stone that Peyton Manning will not be playing for the Indianapolis Colts, we can expect to see reports of Manning linked with multiple teams. First up to bat is the Houston Texans.

Bob Allen of KTRK in Houston is reporting that a close friend of the Manning family has told him that Peyton is interested in joining the Texans.

Now let’s see if this measures up.

The person who knows the Mannings says Peyton wants to play on a team that has a chance of going to a Super Bowl, and the Texans fit that description.

This reason measures up, but there is that little issue of Matt Schaub being the team’s starter. But I guess they could ship off Schaub for the chance at Peyton. I wouldn’t, but I guess they could do that.

Another big plus is that the Texans are in the Colts division. Manning not only knows the division, but I’m told the relationship between him and Colts owner Robert Irsay now is strictly business. And don’t underplay the competitiveness between Peyton and Eli — it “does” matter that Eli has two Super Bowl rings to his one.

Now, this is the most compelling reason. Peyton would like nothing better than to stick it to Jim Irsay on the way to matching Eli’s Super Bowl wins.

With all that said, this aint happening. And if it does, well, I just don’t know what to say about the Texans.

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  1. I don’t think the Texans who went to the playoffs want to take a chance like this. Who knows how good Manning will be able to play. And who knows how long he will be able to play. He will turn 36 next month and with three neck surgeries he is not going to be able to take the hits he once did. You just don’t throw away a q.b. that got you to the play offs last season.

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