Report: Knicks willing to trade anyone except Jeremy Lin for Dwight Howard

Now that the All Star break is over, it’s time for trade rumors, both sane and insane, to start bubbling up to the surface. This particular rumor can definitely be entered into the “insane” category.

According to Peter Vecsey, an Eastern Conference GM believes that the New York Knicks are definitely interested in trading. In fact, they would be willing to part ways with anyone on the roster not named Jeremy Lin.

“I’m positive the Knicks have called just in case Dwight changes up,” an Eastern Conference GM said. “I’m sure they’ve offered a combination of everybody, excluding Jeremy Lin, of course. Otis deserves a lot of credit for not putting it out on the street which teams have offered what.”

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, that’s absolutely crazy talk. But remember these are the Knicks we are dealing with. Yet in still, there’s no way this happens. No matter how much the crazy Knicks want it to.


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  1. Send over Amare, Chandler, Douglas, Walker and Shumpert plus next years 1st round pick for Howard, Hedo and Anderson. Orlando get two quality Bigs to keep them competitive, Young players to use as draft bait/develop plus picks that they want. Knicks keep the core of Carmelo, Lin, Feilds, Smith and Davis, add two quality bigs in Howard and Anderson, as well as taking on the large contract of Hedo!

    • Sorry meant Trade bait not draft bait!!

      • TheBeastKnows says:

        The core is the problem. Melo and Stat are MIA when it comes to defense. Whatever they score they give right back on defense. I would trade Melo for Howard straight up. Howard and Chandler would be shut down defense. The rest of the team would play off their energy and Lin can produce easy opportunities for his team.

        I thought Melo could fit into this system, but he clearly can not. Howard won’t give us the scoring as much as Melo, but the points he saves us on defense more than makes up for it. Trust me, a line up of Lin, Smith, Stat, Chandler, and Howard would be sick. And the bench players are no slouch neither. Hope the Knicks make this happen, I gurantee this line-up could take it all the way.

  2. This all sounds fine and dandy, but truthfully we have a good team as it is, with the veterans and rookies blended together. Melo will need to make some sacrifices on the offensive end, and defensively everyone needs to strap up! Look at Philly right now, playing at an extremely high level with really no megastars (A.I. isn’t considered a megastar, YET) Know your roles, play defense and we can go deep in the playoffs!

  3. I am a knick fan since the days of Willis Reed and before, and I have endured all those losing seasons, If the Knicks traded practicaly the entire team for Carmelo they sure can do it for Howard. Not much time since he will be a free agent at the end of season and Carmelo has not blended in since his return as well as Amare, I say Carmelo,Chandler,Bibby (that has done nothing),Douglas and Walker for Howard,Anderson and Hedo for supporting cast and on to the semi-finals of Eastern conf. maybe further?

  4. are you serious jeremy lin the only non tradeable knick get real, mister almost pissed himself when the heat came at him come on are you guys real

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