Randy Moss takes to Ustream to announce that he is returning to the NFL

After retiring because of “things he had things to do off the field”, Randy Moss took to his Ustream.tv channel and announced that he is planning to return to the NFL next season.

“I just wanna go to a team and play some football,” Moss said in an appearance commemorating his 35th birthday, which included at one point an acknowledge of our effort to push traffic to the event by mentioning it on the PFT Twitter page.

“I said I had a surprise for y’all,” Moss added not long after showing off a bag of his hair and pointing out that it smelled “musty,” like “sauerkraut.”

“Faith, family, and football, that’s my M.O., bro,” Moss said. “Your boy be back for the upcoming season.”

So who just might be interested? First up to the plate may be the Patriots.

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