Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera fell in love at first sight

Any doubts that Miguel Cabrera and the Tigers’ new toy Prince Fielder would not get along have been dispelled by the duo’s reported “instant connection”.   Fielder showed up four days before spring training, brought along his big bat, hung out with his new teammates in the clubhouse, and even stayed after practice and signed hundreds of autographs.  All of which has Cabrera instantly smitten.

They were inseparable on their first day together. They played catch together and batted together and stretched together and did sprints together and at one point, after most of the clubhouse had cleared out, they stood arm in arm and took several pictures of each other with their cell phones. Can you imagine that Facebook update?

I sure can.

Now onto that very moment when the love connection was made.

Fielder parked his white Mercedes Benz and walked across the lot, wearing a black T-shirt inscribed: True Love. Only a few fans recognized him from a distance, prompting a smattering of cheers and whistles.
Fielder walked through the clubhouse, greeting player after player — Jose Valverde, Gerald Laird, Brennan Boesch.

Cabrera rushed to Fielder. “What’s up?” Cabrera screamed.

Cabrera eagerly gave high fives to Fielder’s sons.

“What’s up?”

High five.

“What’s up?”

True Love indeed.

Cabrera led Fielder out of the clubhouse to the practice fields at Tiger Town.
Cabrera looked giddy.

“Look who we got!” Cabrera screamed to a crowd of fans behind a fence. “Look!”

Out on a back field, Cabrera and Fielder took batting practice together for the first time.

Fielder deferred to Cabrera, letting him hit first.

Bam. Bam. Bam.

Cabrera slammed balls all over the field. Then, it was Fielder’s turn. He took three bunts to warm up — what, seriously? — and after that momentary tease, Fielder started smashing the ball.

Fielder hit a rocket down the rightfield line. Then, one to second base. Another to second. And one back at the screen protecting the pitcher.

On his final swing of the first session, Fielder cranked a home run over the rightfield fence.

“Whooo!” Cabrera screamed.

And that, my friends is how a bromance is formed.

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