Oscar Robertson thinks Dwight Howard should “keep his mouth shut” about possible trade

NBA great Oscar Robertson joined the Orlando Sentinel’s Mike Bianchi on his radio show and had a few things to say about how Dwight Howard is handling his possible trade.  And in short, he basically says what we all have been thinking every time Dwight Howard complains or adds another team to his “wish list”.

Just shut up, Dwight!

“Keep your mouth shut and play basketball,” said Robertson, who was a guest on our radio show Wednesday and will be in town during All-Star Weekend to raise awareness for prostate cancer. ”If he wants to be traded, he’s going to be traded. Go and talk to the owners and say, ‘I want to be traded’ and keep it a secret.’ In a situation like this, he can’t win. … Anytime they (Magic) stumble and fall and every time they get beat, they’re going to blame Dwight Howard and it’s totally unfair because it’s not all his fault. I don’t think management has done a great job in keeping certain players on the team. They had a nucleus of players that got them to the Finals and then, all of the sudden, it’s gone downhill.”

Now what so hard about that, Dwight? As Robertson points out, it’s clear as day that the Magic’s roster isn’t where it should be. So there’s really no need for all the complaining that Dwight has made a habit of this season. We see the issues and we understand why you would want a trade. But like Robertson says, just shut up about it.

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