Now you too can smell like the New York Yankees

I know you have many questions about all this so I will try to answer as many as I can up front.

No, I don’t (and you shouldn’t either) know what the New York Yankees smell like.

Yes, that bottle of cologne with the Yankees logo on it is real.

No, I don’t know anyone who would spend money on Yankees cologne or perfume.

Yes, there is someone (probably hundreds of someones) out there that will spend money Yankess cologne or perfume.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s let The Cloudbreak Group, who is in charge of bringing this product to the masses, explain what this is all about while trying to convince you that you do indeed want to smell like the New York Yankees.

The Yankees, Major League Baseball and The Cloudbreak Group are rolling out “New York Yankees” and “New York Yankees for Her” fragrances this April in time for the new 2012 baseball season.
The New York Yankees men’s fragrance caputures “captures a sporty and confident attitude, creating a timeless, masculine scent, ” says Cloudbreak. New York Yankees for Her is an “is alluring and flirty scent that captures a more playful spirit,” notes the company.

The scents are packaged in fancy blue and pink glass bottles, emblazoned with the “NY” logo. They’ll sold in 1.7 oz. and 3.4 oz. sizes for $49 and $62 a piece. and hit the the shelves at departments stores such as Macy’s and Lord & Taylor, as well as Yankee Stadium, in the spring. The advertising tagline: “Past. Present. Forever.”

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