Nick Saban tells recruit he will offer him a scholarship only if he accepts said scholarship today

Fresh off the controversy he stirred up in Atlanta with the 2012 class, Nick Saban is back creating a stir in Atlanta with the 2013 class.  He kicked this cycle off by sending an Atlanta recruit 105 letters in a 24 hour period.  And now he has reportedly gone after one of Georgia’s top recruits.  But not exactly how you think he would.

During an unofficial visit in Tuscaloosa, Saban summoned Sandy Creek High School defensive back Shaq Wiggins to his office. Saban did his usual buttering up a recruit and whatever else Saban does to entice a recruit to sign with the Tide.  Then, something unusual (or maybe not so unusual for Saban) happened.  Saban offered a scholarship to Wiggins contingent upon Wiggins committing to Alabama that day.

Saban, you sly devil you.

DB Shaq Wiggins, who committed to UGA a couple of weeks ago, rode with a couple of his Sandy Creek High School teammates for an unofficial visit to Alabama last Thursday. Wiggins got called into Saban’s office.

“Coach Saban was describing my highlight film and talking about he hadn’t seen a cornerback with cover skills like mine in a long time,” Wiggins told the AJC on Sunday night.

“It was a great conversation, and right at the end he said ‘I’ll offer you a scholarship to Alabama if you commit … today.’ Then he paused, waiting for a response. He took me by surprise by saying all of that.”

“Then we started talking again, and I just kind of told him that I was honored but I’m staying with Georgia. And it was an honor. That was Nick Saban, and that will probably be a conversation that I will never forget.”

And that’s what makes Saban such a great recruiter. You can hate his tactics, but they work. It may not have worked this time, but I’m sure he’s gotten multiple commitments with this very tactic. And that’s all that matters. To Saban and Alabama at least.

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