New York Jets considering team bonding activities

Oh how the mighty have fallen.  I remember a time when the head coach spouting off about being the favorites in the 2010 playoffs. I also remember when this team was considered the kings of trash talk in the NFL.  Well , after a humbling 8-8 season, those days are long gone.  Now all that’s left is a shell of a team that is looking into team bonding activities to try to right the ship.

In the wake of some very ugly postseason finger-pointing, several New York Jets veterans are trying to find ways to improve team chemistry.

Starting left guard Matt Slauson recently learned about the possible team bonding activities while talking to members of the Jets’ developmental department.

Slauson has not spoken to fellow players about the activities but he welcomed anything that would help bring the team closer after the drama following an 8-8 season.

“I have been talking to some guys about if we are going to do some team-building stuff and there are guys brainstorming right now,” Slauson said of his conversations with the guys in the developmental department. “But there is nothing officials now.”

If this was any other team except the Jets, I would be optimistic that this would help. But since it’s the Jets, with that locker room, I doubt it helps any.

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