MTSU football player used scholarship money to start up his drug business

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, there’s a story that proves that you haven’t.  Meet Preston Bailey. He is, or should I say was, an offensive lineman at Middle Tennessee State. Instead of Bailey using his scholarship money on normal things student athletes use it on, he used it to start up a marijuana dealing business.

Twenty-two-year-old Preston Bailey was arrested after Murfreesboro police discovered a large supply of marijuana, scales and cash in his off-campus apartment.

Police said Bailey confessed to buying marijuana.

“He admitted he got his start-up money for this illegal drug business by using scholarship money that he received from MTSU as a football player,” said Kyle Williams with the Murfreesboro Police Dept.

Bailey is charged with felony possession of marijuana to sell.

Head coach Rick Stockstill called the arrest extremely disappointing. Bailey’s medical scholarship has been revoked and he’s no longer on the football team.

Talk about seed money. Ok, I’ll stop.

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