Kobe Bryant is in favor of the Lakers signing Gilbert Arenas

So this is what it has become for Kobe Bryant.  The man is so tired of taking the court and watching younger and quicker point guards put Derek Fisher in a torture chamber that he is reportedly in favor of bringing in Gilbert Arenas.

Yes, the Gilbert Arenas that live tweets blind dates.

But Kobe isn’t concerned with all that, nor should he be.  He is only concerned with trying to win another championship.  And he realizes that Gilbert Arenas is better than what he has right now.  But make no mistake; he isn’t exactly ecstatic about it all.

“It surely wouldn’t hurt,” Bryant said Monday after practice at the Lakers’ facility in El Segundo. “That’s for sure.”

Those are the words of a man that has been beaten down by poor point guard play. A man who thought he would be playing with Chris Paul but now has to settle for Gilbert Arenas. But anything is better than what he has now.
So what does Mike Brown say about all this.

“If somebody can help us, then I’m open to that,” Brown said. “I can’t say whether or not he can help us. I haven’t seen or talked to him and people who have seen him.”

Typical coach-speak.

Now onto Derek Fisher’s thoughts.

“We’re focused on the guys we have in our locker room,” Fisher said. “We know there are certain things that are part of our business, but we deal with it as we go. For now, we’re trying to build the chemistry and cohesiveness we need on the team to go out and win.”

Sorry Derek, the chemistry and cohesiveness needed to go out and win doesn’t involve you anymore. But it’s been a great ride.

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  1. The Lakers knew the PG position was goin gto be a problem, but they were in a tough spot. They had just won back to back titles & we’re going for a 3-peat & they couldn’t just usher Derek Fisher a 5 time champion who met w Miami so they locked him up for 2 years… They went after CP3, but the angel of Stern nixed the deal.

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