Jordan Jefferson lost the NFL combine

No one expected Jordan Jefferson to light the world on fire at the NFL combine this past week. We’re all quite aware of his struggles on the field and off the field. So it’s safe to say that we were all expecting a middle of the pack performance out of Jefferson. I mean, he’s rather athletic which is a plus. He has a strong arm which is definitely a plus. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but that can be overcome. Middle of the pack sounds about right.

But much to our surprise, Jefferson turned in a back of the pack performance. A performance so back of the pack that he finished dead last out of the 315 players that were in attendance.

Of the 315 players graded by at the NFL scouting combine that concluded in Indianapolis Tuesday, former LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson finished 315th with a rating of 44 based on a scale that had a top rating of 100.

“Jefferson has serious mechanical issues that affect his play,” said. “He lacks awareness in the pocket and tries to rely on his scrambling ability too heavily, causing him to take bad sacks. There are many fundamental elements of Jefferson’s game that need work before he would be ready to run an NFL offense.”

Yeah we knew all that, but dead last? That’s rough. But it’s much more rough when you take this next sentence into account:

Jefferson was unable to outscore Purdue kicker Carson Wiggs, who finished 314 out of 315 with a 44.7 score.

Ouch. And it gets even rougher when you read this:

Jefferson, who often said he played well after poor statistical games, tweeted about his performance at the combine apparently as if it was a good one Wednesday morning. “I wonder what Mike Detillier’s got to say about the combine now.”

Jefferson apparently was referencing some unflattering comments about Jefferson by Detillier, an NFL Draft expert, prior to the combine that started on Feb. 22.

This is definitely Jordan Jefferson’s year to forget.

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