John Elway has finally given in to Tebowmania

When it came to embracing Tebowmania, Denver Broncos VP of operation and NFL great John Elway has been the last public holdout from the Broncos organization.  And now it seems that the power of Tebowmania was just too much for him to withstand as well.

During an interview with reporters earlier today at the NFL combine, Elway had nothing but great things to say about Tim Tebow and also went as far as saying that Tebow “will be the guy for a long, long time”.

“He added a great spark for us, and we really had some good things happen to us. I was really happy with his progress,” said Elway, the Broncos’ VP of football operations.

“Tim’s gonna be the guy for a long, long time.”

It was a long struggle, but it looks like Tebowmania has claimed yet another victim.

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