Jeremy Lin to be considered for USA Basketball’s Select Team

After Jeremy Lin’s whirlwind month where he turned into an overnight superstar, one would think that things couldn’t get much better for him. Then comes news that during an All Star weekend press conference, USA Basketball Chairman Jerry Colangelo told reporters that Jeremy Lin will be given consideration for USA Basketball’s Select Team. Which is in essence the pool of players used to build the team that competes in the Olympics.

“We’ll look at him as well as anyone else who is doing the job,” Colangelo said. “If we think they are worthy of being invited we’ll bring them in to Las Vegas to do just that.”

Colangelo said that “a list of names” was being formed and that Lin was “off to this great start” for the Knicks.

“Everyone has to pay their dues,” Colangelo said. “We told players if you join us I promise you we are going to be successful but you have to do it our way. Those who participate earn equity in our program… There’s a lot of players who want to play, who are paying their dues with the select team, who have participated with us over the last six years. No exceptions.”

Of course, it’s unlikely that Lin makes an Olympics team in the near future because of the many quality and young point guards that are already ahead of him. But think about how far this kid has come in about a month. From sitting on the end of the Knicks’ bench to being considered for the USA Basketball Select Team.

Truly amazing.

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