Don’t worry everyone; John Fox says Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn have a close relationship

Whew.  I was really beginning to think that Brady Quinn’s comments about Tim Tebow would be a really big issue for Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos.  But John Fox put those fears to bed today at the NFL combine by downplaying Quinn’s comments and emphasizing the special bond that Tebow and Quinn share.

“Knowing their relationship, knowing both Brady and Tim myself, sometimes things get lost in translation,” “I know their relationship is very close. They have a lot of respect for each other. They’re very good teammates to each other. That’s kind of what I know — it’s hard for me to stay up on all the comments, but I kind of know what I know.”

Great. But what about Quinn’s status in Denver?

Fox also said that Quinn’s comments wouldn’t impact whether or not the Broncos were interested in bringing back Quinn, a free agent on March 13, in 2012.

“Oh no, I know their relationship, I know he was a great teammate to Tim,” Fox said. “I know Tim knows that. We still like Brady Quinn.”

Guess there’s nothing to see here, huh? Well, until Quinn gets sent packing in favor of one the two new quarterbacks they want to bring in to compete with Tebow.

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