Don’t ask Tiger Woods about anything pertaining to the Navy SEALs

Tiger Woods’s former swing coach, Hank Haney has penned a book about his time as Tiger’s coach.  And for some odd reason, there’s a big hubbub surrounding Haney’s assertion that Tiger wanted to be a Navy SEAL.  Of course, things take on a life of their own whenever Tiger is involved so we shouldn’t be surprised when things get out of hand or even downright awkward. Case in point, today’s Honda Classic press conference.
It was there that writer Alex Miceli wanted to know more about Tiger’s interest in the Navy SEALs, but unfortunately for Miceli Tiger did not want him to know more. And from there, things got hilariously awkward.


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  1. Yeah welllllllllllllll, he’s his own ‘god of golf’… by the way… he is a ‘thing of beauty’ also how rude is this little tigger… … what an el dicko…. spare me his ‘his highness’… he has fallen off ‘his throne’. PUKE.

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