Derrick Rose is sorry for costing Bulls fans free Big Macs

We can all agree that Derrick Rose is not cut from the same cloth as most NBA stars. He’s rather soft spoken and isn’t about “the show”. But sometimes, Rose takes things just a little too serious. Case in point, this story from ESPN Chicago.

After a brilliant night where led the Bulls to a 99-95 victory over the Bobcats with 32 points and 9 assists, Rose is apologizing for two free throws he missed in the final seconds. Free throws that would have awarded every fan in the building a free Big Mac because the Bulls cracked 100 points.

“I feel like Jackie Moon off of ‘Semi-Pro,’ ” Rose said. “That’s all I was thinking about, man.
“I saved McDonald’s a lot of money, so they should be happy.”

“I loved it,” he said of making two before his two misses. “I loved it. If you look back at it, (I was) talking to myself. It felt good. But I’m sorry for the other two (misses).”

This is the type of thing that definitely makes Rose a likeable fella, but c’mon. You don’t have to apologize for something like this. Yeah, it would be nice for everyone to have a free Big Mac, but they got the most important thing.

The W.

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