Brace yourself for Mike Tyson’s Vegas one-man show

In news that can’t possibly end well, Mike Tyson has signed on for a one-man reality show on the Las Vegas strip called, “Confessions”. Now take a moment to let this sink in.

Mike Tyson. On the Las Vegas strip. Doing a reality show called “Confessions”.

There is just no possible way this ends well.  And once you hear the details, any slither of hope that this could end well will be washed away.

“It will be raw. Nothing will be held back. He’s not going to shrink from the problems he’s faced and the battles he’s fought professionally and personally. It will be unfiltered, and he’ll tell it like it is,” one of Mike’s pals confirmed. “The project has the full blessing of his wife Lakiha and their family.”

Mike is so committed to the honesty of his new headliner show that he’ll also answer questions from the audience at the end of each show before meeting fans for autographs and photos. The theater should be officially announced this week, with tickets going on sale for the March debut of “Tyson: the Raw Truth.”

Did I mention that this can’t possibly end well? I did didn’t I.

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