And here’s ESPN’s unfortunate “Chink in the Armor” Jeremy Lin headline (UPDATED)

So it has become quite apparent that this Jeremy Lin story has made some lose their ever loving mind. First, we had MSG Network’s attempt at creativity by putting Lin’s mugs in a graphic with a fortune cookie that they titled every so gracefully, “Good Fortune”. And now ESPN has one upped them by describing Jeremy Lin’s underwhelming performance last night against the Hornets as “Chink In The Armor”.

Oh, and if that headline isn’t enough ESPN trotting out one their analyst last who also slipped the phrase in while discussing Lin with Knicks analyst Clyde Frazier.

Yeah, yeah, yeah it’s a figure of speech, but there are plenty of figures of speech available for use here. Let’s try to stay away from ones that could be seen as offensive. It would make life so much easier.

UPDATE: ESPN has apologized.

Via @mdotbown

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