Albert Pujols doesn’t like all those ‘El Hombre’ billboards in Southern California

So the Los Angeles Angels have decided to build their marketing plan around their newly acquired superstar, Albert Pujols.  A move that we can all agree is smart.  But if we’re going to point out their smart decision, we also have to point out that the Angels have also made a very dumb one.  They decided to place 20 billboards around Southern California with a picture of Albert Pujols in an Angels’ jersey and the phrase, “El Hombre” without asking how Albert felt about it.  And surprise, surprise, Pujols does not like it.

“Like I say, I haven’t talked to them, but I prefer not to use (El Hombre),” Pujols said Wednesday.
It’s an emotional issue for Pujols because he became acquainted with 90-year-old Musial in his 11 seasons playing in St. Louis. In 2010, Pujols asked St. Louis media and fans not to call him “El Hombre.”

“I still have the same respect for him as I had, not just for what he’s done in baseball but for what he did for his country,” Pujols said. “That’s something you have to appreciate.”

And now let’s hear from the man who didn’t ask Pujols’ opinion on the billboards.

Angels vice president for communications Tim Mead said the signs featuring “El Hombre” represent 20 of the 70 Angels billboards in Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties.

“We’re more aware of his feelings about that now, but I don’t think his feelings are directed at our marketing campaign,” Mead said. “He hasn’t approached us with anything and it’s been explained to him (that) it’s one prong of our campaign, not its full-fledged focus.”

Something tells me those billboards will be disappearing soon.

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