Subject Of Michael Jordan’s High School Love Letter To Take Legal Action Over Michael Jordan’s High School Love Letter

We all took great enjoyment in discovering how a teenaged Michael Jordan courted a young lady named Laquetta Robinson through a love letter. I mean, it was teenage love. And it was Michael Jordan in the middle of Advanced Chemistry class pouring out his heart on notebook paper. You just can’t beat that combination.

But while we were enjoying this, Laquetta Robinson was not enjoying this. She was sitting at home wondering how the letter got out. And after she was done wondering, she was deciding to take legal action action against whoever is behind “stealing” the letter from her.

A local woman who received a love letter from Michael Jordan is demanding answers.

She wants to know how someone got their hands on a high school love note and made thousands of dollars.
“I see my letter and I’m thinking, what in the world?” Laquetta Robinson asked.

“That was between him and me,” she said. “Not anyone else. It wasn’t for anyone else to have knowledge of it. That’s something he wrote to me, at that time, out of his heart.” So, you can imagine her surprise when she saw the two-page document on television Friday.

“First I was in shock, I mean, I was trying to figure out where it came from,” Robinson added.

“In the course of the time of our courtship, I’ve had a jersey that’s missing,” Robinson said. “I don’t know where it is. I’ve had pictures that are missing.”

She suspects a family member took the letter and sold it to the auction house.

“It was mine, it was personal, it was private,” Robinson added. “And for them to take something that belonged to me and to capitalize off of it, without my knowledge, without my permission, it really upsets me.”

That’s why she’s vowing to take legal action against the person who stole the items, but first she wants to set the record straight with Jordan.

“More than anything, I wouldn’t want Michael to think that I did it cause I wouldn’t want him to think that I would betray him in this way,” Robinson continued.

Yet another teenaged love story ruined by money.

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