Let’s Start The Day With Deion Sanders Jr.’s Run In With Police At A Dallas Mall

Once again the North Park Center Mall In Dallas is in the news again about their treatment of an athlete. Deion Sanders Jr, the son of Hall Of Famer Deion Sanders, was trying to purchase some Chick- Fil- A with his credit card but the cashier didn’t believe that he was Deion Sanders. The cashier asked Sanders Jr. for some ID but he didn’t have it with him. And that led Sanders Jr. to vent his frustrations about the encounter on Twitter.

Police at North Park mall tried 2 get me becuz I tried 2 buy chickfila with my card but didnt have my ID. They Said It was card theft or sum.

They thought I stole the card or somethin cuz it said Deion Sanders. I’m like sir I’m not tryna be cocky but you can google me and see …

He even gets in a Dez Bryant reference as well.

“Now I see how Dez Bryant felt”

I know a lot is going to be made about this, but that is what cashiers are trained to do. Sanders Jr. needs to remember to never leave home without his ID so he can avoid stuff like this.

Flower Mound Marcus QB Deion Sanders Jr. tweets about North Park incident; He sees ‘how Dez Bryant felt’ (Dallas Morning News)

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