Let’s Start The Day With A High School Football Brawl

While those professional guys are busy arguing over who will make the most money, high school kids are busy getting ready for the season ahead. And for Woodlawn High and Plaquemine High in Baton Rouge, getting ready means fighting each other during 7-on-7 drills.

Twenty minutes into their game, tempers flared and a fight broke out between the Panthers and Green Devils. Punches were thrown and helmets were ripped off. It took coaches from both squads about five minutes to get things under order. The game did not resume after the fight. Both teams left the field and returned back home.

Members of both teams were confrontational leading up to the fight. Things began getting heated in the first series of the game when a Plaquemines defender threw down a Woodlawn receiver. Later in the game, an argument took place between two players about all the bumping and pushing happening during all of the plays.

Ah, smell that? Football is finally in the air.

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