In Today’s Least Surprising News, Eddy Curry Is Still Overweight

Once upon a time, Eddy Curry actually got playing time on a NBA team. These days Curry has been spending his time trying to lose weight and making promises that he will lose weight. And of course, he’s failed miserably at both of these pursuits.

But you have to give Curry just a little credit. He definitely hasn’t given up on these pursuits, but he also hasn’t given up on his pursuit of the all the food that has him in this predicament.

Therein lies the problem.

Eddy Curry’s predicament is clear: If he loses at least 40 more pounds during the lockout, then the Heat likely will have renewed and genuine interest because Pat Riley remains highly intrigued by the 7-foot center. The question is whether he has the discipline to achieve that mighty challenge.

Curry, 28, reportedly topped 350 pounds during his late March workout for the Heat. He lost a lot more weight — in excess of 20 pounds — between that point and late June, when he auditioned again for the Heat over several days.

But he entered the lockout still at least 40 pounds overweight, according to a league official briefed on the situation. “You watch him shoot and he’s got great touch, good hands,” said a player source who was invited to Curry’s multiplayer Heat workouts in late June. “He’s very skilled. But it’s a question of whether he gets more serious. He’s got a long way to go.”

Keep fighting the good fight, Eddy. We know you won’t win, but at least you keep fighting.

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  1. Well, he scored a small victory 🙂

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