Boise State Is Banned From Wearing All Blue Uniforms During Conference Play

During the Mountain West media days, Boise State got welcomed into their new conference by not being able to wear their all blue uniform during conference games this season. Head coach Chris Peterson wasn’t thrilled about the news.

“I thought it was ridiculous,” Petersen said of his reaction. “… That’s our colors. That’s who we are. That’s who our fans have wanted us to be since I’ve been at Boise State. That’s what it’s been through and through.” Apparently coaches have been complain about how hard it is to watch film plus they think it is a unfair advantage to the other teams as well. Peterson says that he has a plan for all their uniforms.

“Nike has saved us by giving us a bunch of different combinations,” Petersen said. “… If we can’t wear what we want to wear, then we will wear a bunch of different other stuff.”

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  1. They should have been made to replace the Smurf Turf if they wanted int the conference. They could have then worn the blue, I suppose.

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