And Here Are A Few Disturbing Quotes From People That Have Named Their Dog ‘Jeter’

[text-box] Jack Beibel, 16, of Montclair said he named his dog Jeter because the shortstop was his favorite player. His cockapoo has taken to it.

“If we yell, ‘Yankees,’ he starts barking,’ ” Beibel said. “And if we yell, ‘Red Sox,’ he kneels down.”


“We named him Jeter because we always loved Derek Jeter and we respect him,” said Moss, who has no ties to the New York area and is not a Yankees fan. “We believe that he has morals and that he really cares about the games. That’s what we look for in baseball players. Do they respect the game or is it just a business for them?”

Well alright.

Some Pet Owners Judge Jeter Name Best in Show (NY Times)[/text-box]

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