And Here’s The First Bit Of Speculation That Brett Favre Is Interested In A Comeback

Yes, we’re in the middle of a lockout. And yes, there is a fear that there may not even be a season. But there is still a somewhat calmness to this summer because we hadn’t had to discuss whether or not Brett Favre would decide to be like a kid out there again.

Well thanks to’s Gil Brandt and some guy named Jumbo from Canada, that all changed.

Now, we can’t fully blame Jumbo for any of this. He just asked Brandt a simple, yet unnecessary, question during a NFL Live chat. But we can definitely blame Brandt because he took that simple question as clearance to speculate that Brett Favre may be considering yet another return.

And just like that, Gil Brandt has f-d up the summer for the rest of us. Thanks, Gil.

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