Stan Van Gundy Takes A Moment To Question If Scottie Pippen Was A Superstar

Lately, it seems that you just can’t get away from those pesky Van Gundy brothers. You have Jeff who shows up every couple a nights and tries to entertain us all with his shtick. And now Stan has decided to give Mike Bianchi (more on him later) all the fodder he needs to write one of his ridiculous thoughts.

This entire post boils down to whether or not Scottie Pippen was a superstar. And if you haven’t guessed by now, Stan Van Gundy and Mike Bianchi don’t answer the question the way you would. And if for some reason they do, well, I really don’t know what to tell you.

So I contacted Magic coach Stan Van Gundy yesterday about how Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks are proving during the NBA Finals that a one-superstar team can compete with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat.

I’m so glad I was able to get in touch with SVG because he somewhat validated something I’ve thought for years and years: That Scottie Pippen may not have been a superstar and calling him one of the greatest players of all-time may be a fallacy.

Yes, this was really written.

“I have always wondered, as good as Scottie Pippen was, would he have been considered a star if he hadn’t played with Jordan and had to carry a team on his own,” Van Gundy explained. “We’ll never know, but my point is that sometimes we make the determination after the fact. In other words, after Chicago won championships, we branded Pippen a star.”

Yes, that came out of the mouth of a NBA coach. Not some drunken dude in a bar. A NBA coach.

But don’t you worry. The paid journalist can top that.

To me, Pippen is the Phil Rizzuto of the NBA. Rizzuto, of course, was the shortstop of the dynastic New York Yankees of the 1940s and ’50s that won 10 American League championships and seven World Series. He was good player who was elevated to Hall-of-Fame status because of the teams he played on.

What is the world coming to?

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  1. R. Chávez says:

    Yes, Pippen is a star, the question is: It is, really, MJ the star every payed sport journalist say he is, I believe that without Pippen and the great team Chicago had at that time, MJ will never be mentioned as he is. Kobe does better job, and Kobe has carry the lakers in his shoulder many times. Besides when MJ went to another team, he did not prove anything, he just can do it; so without Scottie, and Costas work in putting MJ in everybody minds, MJ could be another good player.

    • zr1gofast says:

      @Chris…………. Are you high?? MJ just another good player?? Did you ever see him play?? I am a Pistons fan, so there is no love for MJ from me. BUT, the man was by far the greatest basketball player in the world! When his peers, friends and foes alike, say so then I would tend to believe them. Go back to your Xbox and be Kobe or Lebron or whoever you “pretend” to be and leave the commenting to INTELLIGENT sports fans!

    • Man you dont know anything about basketball. Kobe does better job??? when??? with shaq or paul and co.??? your just a kobe fan. Kobe is just a wanna be jordan. He’s so selfish and he NEVER carried the lakers on his shoulders. Are you okay??? MJ went to another team when he has 39 or 40 years old AND with all that, he led the team in scoring (22.9 ppg), assists (5.2 apg), and steals (1.42 spg). He did not prove anything??? He proves that even with 40 years he does a better job than kobe. So shut up man.

      • LakersRWorthy says:

        Don’t know why you are hating on Kobe……Shaq needed Kobe as much as Kobe needed Shaq… so your comment is ignorant at best!… Plus Kobe and Shaq would never have won all those rings without the ROLL PLAYERS!

    • Unbelievable R. Chavez. You probabl ythink you can play

  2. Was Scottie Pippen an All-star caliber player? Yes. A superstar caliber player? No.

  3. Pippen carried the bulls to the east championship the year that mj sat out and would have been in the chanpionship if not for some bogus foul at the end of the game. has stan won anything? maybe he should research before he opens his mouth

  4. The problem with these idiots is that they think that only a great scorer can be a superstar, Van Gundy never played the game, he’s a moron, that the reason he’s such a bad coach. Pip is one of the most underrated player ever, the dude could guard anybody on the court, those journalist are a bunch of hypocrites, with one side of their mouth they tell you defense wins championships, on they other side they don’t give credit to great defensive player. Pip in my book is a better player than Charles Barkley, Steve Nash and many other so called superstars who only play on the offensive side of the game.

  5. k allen says:

    Like what was said ” We’ll never know ” … all we can do is give our opinions. My thoughts are great players like MJ become great with talented teams…if no one else on the court can make a play then all you have to do in defend the one great player then that great player never becomes a great player. At the same time talented but not maybe a great players (however that’s defined, again opinion)become better than they might be without a talent such as MJ, because teams have to focus on MJ allowing Players like a Scottie Pippen to make plays he wouldn’t be able to if he was “The man” on a lesser team. Could he have been a great player and a leader on another team and won championships? In my opinion no…but that’s just my opinion

  6. hotmommahill says:

    every one need to stop hattin on MJ……

  7. tamatane says:

    To say Jordan is just a good player is total garbage!! I’m a knicks fan and have been on the recieving end of more than a few of his “good” games! but tro say that Pippen is an average player is total insanity!! Mike is the greatest of all time no doubt but he definately is without rings if Pippen isnt there also! It took Pippen stepping up to the next level of play in order for them to get past the Pistons for their first championship and it took Pippen staying at that high level to ensure the three-peats! obvioulsy he’s better than average because Mike didn’t to it with Oakley in his courner!

  8. I’m not going to get on here a pretend to talk about what I know, or this is my opinion, but when I think about Jordan I think about his refusal to lose. When I think about Kobe, I think about him always wanting to be better than Jordan. Jordan wasn’t trying to be better than Dr. J in the eyes of the public, he was trying to win. Kobe wants his name up there with Michael, he needs his name up there with Michael. They came to the NBA in different eras. Kobe is in the “It’s all about me era,” Michael learned how to win from Magic and Bird. It’s a team sport. No one player can win a title.

  9. Pippen is absolutely a Superstar…the year without Jordan the Bulls won 55 games and went to the Eastern Conference semi finals…just because Pippen didn’t average 25-30 points a game doesn’t mean he’s just a good player. He is one of the best defensive players of all time and probably one of if not the best perimeter defender in the history of the game, he would shut down every other team’s best perimeter scorer on a night to night basis AND he averaged 22 ppg that year w/o MJ…

    Until Jordan got Pippen, the Bulls were nothing but a good team with a great scorer…they were LeBron’s Cavs of the 80’s…once he got Pippen and was able to delegate the defensive responsibilities to him, he could concentrate more on the offensive end and dominate in the playoffs without getting tired on the other end.

    I’m sick of hearing this bull crap that Jordan did it alone…Pippen was essential to the Bulls dominance, as was the plethora of role players Jordan and Pippen had around them. No one was great at everything, but they were all great at one thing. Horace Grant was a good low post defender, Rodman dominated the boards, Kukoc and Kerr were snipers from outside, which allowed Jordan to get to the hole whenever he wanted…

    That Bulls team was a lot better than anyone gives them credit for because they were dismantled after the 1998 season and everyone is like “see when Jordan left they sucked” but people forget Pippen left the same year and played for the Rockets..

    I scoff at the notion that Pippen was not a Superstar..

  10. When I think of the 90’s Bulls, I think of Jordan, surrounded by terrific role-players. Every member of those teams was valuable, but they will always be overshadowed by Jordan’s greatness. I still think Jordan could’ve won championships without Pippen, but the Bulls never would’ve had a 72-win season without him and Rodman, Harper, Kerr, etc. But as to whether Pippen was a superstar, I’d have to disagree. He was a great player, but he was no superstar. I’d take any other member of the Dream Team over Pippen (except Laettner, obviously). Without Jordan, I don’t think we’d have ever heard of Scottie Pippen


    Scottie was one of the all time greats.

    He shut down Magic in 1991. People come on.

  12. Come on, come on, of course he’s a superstar.
    Most of these comments strike me as people who never saw a single Bulls game.
    Pippen won them gamnes.
    A lot.
    Not only was he one of the best defenders ever, he was a fantastic playmaker and rebounder for his position. He played unselfish but was still a very good scorer. He carried the team every time Jordan was on the bench.

    How could the best second-best-player of all-time not be a superstar? he was the perfect complement to Jordan, doing ALL the little things AND scoring.

    I’m shocked at the notion anyone would take Chris Mullin, and it’s highly discussable if he shouldn’t be considered a better player than Stockton, Barkley or Drexler.

    Pippen tends to be more underrated, so people calling him overrated is just plain ridiculous.

  13. Ask players who played on the bulls what was Pip like, and they will tell you. Steve Kerr said Pip was like the QB and defensive coordinator on the team, he knows how many shots other players has or hasn’t during the game and make a point to get them involve. Now a days, you don’t have to play defense to be a superstar you can get torched every night by the guy that you guarding, but as long you can score 25 to 30 a game they call you a superstar. Pip could have scored 25 a game but he understood you win by playing great defense being unselfish by trusting your teammates that is the true value of a superstar. I agree with Breyzh, i wouldn’t take Charles, Mullin, Clyde, stockton, and for that matter any one dimensional so called superstar like Nash over Pip. For those of you who have no idea you tube scottie pippen defense you’ll see.

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