Serena And Venus Williams Have Yet To Play On Centre Court At Wimbledon And Serena Wants To Know Why

In the first round, Serena Williams lured you in with her emotional reaction to her first victory on the court since being out with injuries. But now that she’s made it through the second round at Wimbledon, Serena is done with that emotional stuff. She’s on to asking the tough questions. Like why she and her sister Venus haven’t played on Centre Court yet?

“They like to put us on Court 2 — me and Venus — for whatever reason,” Serena said. “I haven’t figured it out yet. Maybe one day we’ll figure it out.”

Told of Serena’s comments, tournament spokesman Johnny Perkins said there was no intentional snub, noting that several factors go into scheduling decisions, including TV broadcasting considerations, where players stand in the draw, and what ticket-buyers want to see.

“I don’t think it’s anything deliberate, clearly,” Perkins said. “It’s a hugely complex jigsaw puzzle. Everyone probably looks at it from their own point of view, so she’s obviously quite entitled to.”

“I don’t really think about it. I don’t make it a big issue,” Serena said about the scheduling. “I think at some point, maybe I should.”

Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Andy Roddick have had all of their matches scheduled for Centre Court or Court 1 so far this year.

“Yeah,” Serena said, “they’re never moved across.”

Emotions and controversy? Serena Williams is definitely back to her old form.

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  1. Both sisters should be on center court. There are lady players of a lesser caliber than they.

  2. waaaaaah waaaaah waaaaah…. how about they play more during the year and earn it…….???? i guess all of lady’s tennis ia all about them…they’re washed up…. no one likes watching them.

    • catgirl30003 says:

      you made a comment that the William sister need to play more tennis I don,t know how someone who almost died and someone with and injure could play tennis at the beginning of the year and you may not like them because they are black and they are wining most of the tournament so I know that your real reason for not liking them I am always reading these comment how the Williams sister need to quit and how some people hate them and that how they are spoiled but none of you who say you hate the sisters have any real reason why beat around the bush just admit the truth the real reason you hate them is you are Racists and you don’t like to see black people make it in a game like Tennis because it was once a white people game and also they are making a lot of money too you would like it if all us black people would stay in the ghetto and stay poor, so that the real reason that a lot of you really hate the sister why don’t you just admit it to yourself and get it over with you are not fooling anyone i know some of you say I have black friend and I am not a racists save it you could have 50 black friends and pretend that you like black people all you like but the truth always come out so when you write about the William sisters next time and say that no one want to see them speak for your real self and not the rest of us and one person wrote that the sister are spoiled I don’t know how you could say any black people that grow up poor or middle class or from the ghetto and had to fight for everything in life and also face raciness where ever they go and especially in their own country USA and all the other country they go to play can be spoiled you don’t know what you are talking about take it from someone who face what they face if you haters every walk the walk then you will change your tune and think before you talk.

      • You are on point.

      • What did you say? says:

        . See that dot? It’s a period. If you learn to use one, people might take your arguments more seriously. Regardless of whether you are black or white, it is difficult to follow what you’re trying to say when you don’t present yourself clearly.

      • some people just can’t accept the obvious, so they have to comment back in a negative way. i agree with you. they do belong on center court. some of the top players are on center court and lose also. are the washed up? you haters don’t count serena & venus out yet.

    • Speak for your self. Serena could have died, I’m glad she’s even playing. You think before you talk.

    • I totally agree! Ignorance is in every sport you play as a black person.

    • Stu…in the future, please speak for yourself and not for everyone else when you say the William sister are washed up and no one likes watching them. I can say, The William sisters are one of the major reasons women and tennis in general has been so successful. Your bias is peaking thru your shield.

    • True!!! all they gotta do is Crush their lily white A$$*$ on the court like always. To Hell with these establishments.

    • You guys have to look at a few of the facts here. Even if people didn’t like them, they have become champions in the past. But with all champions, there is a younger player who can watch the video of their previous matches and master their moves. Then, they come out and play against them knowing their every move. That is what happened this year. Also,keep in mind that the Williams sisters’ health is not what it used to be. I know alot of people were worried about Serena returning so soon after her serious illness with blood clots on her lungs.Once someone goes through this type of ailment, their body is not the same. She should have waited I think to heal longer. Life is too precious to risk it for a trophy.

  3. Its a legitimate gripe….

    .who was dumb enough to say nobody wants to watch them, are they nuts, people would rather watch the Williams sisters than most any woman playing today, why, because they are both great players.. And they are Americans. I hope one of them wins it all. In your face Perkins

  4. douglas says:

    we all no that race has something too do with it. don’t hate on them because they are black rich and don’t give a f u c k…..

  5. I do think race has something to do with it – and the fact that these
    beautiful girls are American is another factor that plays into this.

    • Morgan Jackson says:

      I’d rather see a close match between two “media” deemed beautiful girls who have lower seeds/ability, than see the equivalent of lebron james demolish some poor girl who just won a qualifier. And I know my view point probably dominates based on the responses. As somebody pointed out earlier, most people don’t watch women’s tennis to see the “best”, they watch for the finesse and beauty. In the earliest rounds especially, you don’t pay good money to see a complete beat down unless….insert your own qualifiers here, but serena and venus don’t cut it. It’s unfair, but that’s life and unfortunately in this case, tradition.

  6. Angella B says:

    Mike it goes to show you have a diseased mind.Which female player on tour right now has half the grand slam titles Serena Williams has? Venus Williams follow her. What is your definition of washed up? I think you are a racist besides intellectually malnourished. Those two black girls have arrived, deal with it.

  7. chris Ibe says:

    The reason given by the wimbledon official about who people want to watch or press preferences can hold no water. A serious oversight or rather injustice is being meted to these young ladies. Serena is the defending champion and several times world No 1. Venus is five time champion at Wimbledon and also World No. 1 for several months. What else do they need to do to qualify to play on Wimbledon Centre Court?

  8. Ladies, don’t worry about center court at this time…..just win all your preliminary matches and, come finals, it WILL BE center court all the way. Show the haters, racists and bigots that you are a class way above them. Good luck Serena and Venus and continue to be winners!

  9. Yeah, it’s a race thing. If you disagree then I can guarantee you are white and have therefore never experienced discrimination. Don’t tell me about being looked at strangely in minority neighborhoods. That’s not discrimination. You still got served in turn at the lunch counter, didn’t have to wait for a minority taxi driver to pick you up, and got the job you weren’t really qualified for. Racism is alive and well in America, so you know it’s alive and well in England. Just kick a ss ladies and make the Anglos eat it! Jesse Owens style! Jim Thorpe style!

  10. I am just an old (77)American white woman, who knew nothing about tennis until I started watching the fantastic William sisters play…and each time they got better and better and each time I learned a little more…I love those beautiful young women and each time they take the court I want them to win.
    As I said in my previous post, they should have been on center court, but I have no fear they will be very soon..
    And I will cheer with all Americans when one of them wins it all…you go girls..


  12. Chris G. says:

    You have two young ladies representing the USA in another country in a major tennis tournament and some americans don’t support them. Has anyone noticed that they’re usually the only two americans left in the latter rounds of major tournaments? (men or women)

    You don’t have to like the Williams sisters but you should respect the fact that they are future “Hall of Fame” tennis players and are the only two tennis players keeping the USA on the map!

    Can you name any other current american tennis players that are winning majors? (men or women)

    The won’t be appreciated until they’re gone!

    Just remember, we’re all americans, regardless of our color!

  13. Serena and Venus, play your game. Work hard and keep on keeping on.
    I admire you both. The challenges that you all have had to face should have broken you, but you are strong, so keep playing and play hard. Stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize. Good Luck to you both!

  14. i think itistime we doaway with this racist stuff.i want to believe it was an error of ommission.wish the Williams best of luck now and always.The argument is on TIEBREAK

  15. Glenn Maxfield says:

    The Williams Sisters,

    If they were white and looked,body shape and general appearance, and demeanor, they would be critiscised, correctly, harshly.

    They treat the WTA, like real people treat a bus service, there when you want it, but they can always just get a limo.

    So they gracefully, Not, enter the Grand Slams, when they fit in with them.

    They avoid the Australian, interferes with Xmas, the French, not fond of clay and happen to be ill, always turn up for their own, no excuses left, and go to Wimbledon and expect the Queen to move out for the fortnight so that thay can be treated the way they deserve.

    How dare Wimbledon put them on Court 2, they shouldn’t be in the tournament to begin with, as outlined by the official quoted, it depends on many factors, the draw, their ability to attract a crowd, the television audience, ( which outside the U.S. only watches in the enjoyment of watching them lose. ), and eventually their popularity, which is exaggerated in the US.

    They contribute nothing to the tour, the rank and file travel the world, earn good money for themselves on the way im most cases, and ensure, that the TV rights and major sponsors who pay the prizemoney,have something to promote.

    That the Williams Mafia try to cherry-pick, end up being left out of those major Tournaments when the Williams ‘ decide to get off their ample backsides, and consent to play, with more excuses and alibis than Richard Nixon.

    • come on, Glenn – why are you bringing up their attitude and history of behavior like that? It’s racism, and the proof of it is that you don’t agree, which makes you a racist. You may have had little use for other tennis players poor sportsmanship and infantile theatrics, regardless of race, gender, or nationality, but that doesn’t matter, hater.



    • Baintownboy says:

      Well Rau, wonder what English grammar class you took. Could not have been English 101 with all those capital letters. Must have been kidnergarten.

      Content is so much more than punctuation. Catgirl3003’s point was well made. Those William sisters are so strong mentally to compete at such a high level in the front of it seem always hostile crowds and not get rattled. Wow! They have never had a home court advantage; ESPECIALLY in the U.S.

  17. OK, I’m a white american male. I didn’t get into the Pa. State police acadeny with a 95% on the test to make room for a female black with a 65% on her test. I’ve had Hispanic cashiers ignore me and then wait on other Hispanics when they show up. Heck, I remember when I was young my father couldn’t buy a house because we weren’t Italian. Don’t tell me that whites aren’t discriminated against in the U.S. HOWEVER, the Williams sisters should play EVERY match on Center Court or Court one. They have EARNED it.

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