Mike Francesca Calls Tiki Barber A Failure, Michael Strahan Calls Mike Francesca An Idiot

This all began with two people who love to hear themselves talk try to have a semi-serious conversation. And it ended with a person who also loves to hear himself talk giving his two cents about the semi-serious conversation.

So now that you have a little background, let’s delve in. WFAN’s Mike Francesca tried to get to the bottom of why Tiki Barber is returning to the NFL. And in the process he decides to point out that Barber’s broadcasting career was failure. Of course, this didn’t go over very well with Barber so the two had a 13 minute catfight.

And when Barber and Francesca finally finished, Michael Strahan took to his Twitter account to have a catfight with himself. Don’t ask me why.

Guess we’ll let Strahan have the floor first.

“I refused to do interviews with (Francesa) and his side kick years ago!”

“I dont respect sum1 that cuts off callers & thinks they know more than everyone including the actual athlete or coach! Then u shld do it & show us…”

‘doesn’t mean I’m saying Tiki is right either. I don’t know why Tiki would even do that show.’

Thanks for your opinion, Mike. We really needed it.

And now, Francesca and Barber (and his agent) have the floor.

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  1. I’ll go with Strahan on this one.

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