Mark Richt Thinks That Kickoffs Should Be Removed From College Football

It’s stressful being Georgia coach Mark Richt these days. Richt knows that he job is on the line this year and he is trying to find any excuse he can to save it. First, Richt complained about oversigning and now he wants to remove kickoffs from college football. Here are the words straight from Richt’s mouth.

“I think if it went to a vote, I would vote for no kickoff also,” Richt said Tuesday, while attending a media day for football coaches in the state. “I would just place the ball on the 23-yard line, or whatever it is, whatever the average has been. I’m sure defensive coaches would want it on the 18, and offensive coaches would want it on the 30.”

Richt wasn’t finished.

“Being up in the booth you just can’t sense the speed and the violence of the hits,” Richt said. “Then when I became the head coach at Georgia and now I’m standing on the sideline, and I’m watching it from me to you, it is violent, it is very physical. You’ve got a bunch of guys that can run strong. They’re fast, and they’re not afraid. It’s kind of a manhood thing: No one’s gonna back down.”

Look I understand what Richt is saying, but kickoffs are one of the most exciting plays in football. Injuries are going to happen so Richt needs to find something else to complain about because kickoffs are not going anywhere.

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